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Music Review: C.R.I.$.I.$ Mr. Swagger

Long before Takondwa 'TK' Nkonjera, Slap D, Ruff Kid, Macky II, The Lyricist and others took to the airwaves all that the Zambian hip hop scene had was a C.R.I.$. I. $. Aka Chisenga Katongo.

Observed by many as the pioneer of this music genre in Zambia, C.R.I.$.I.$. (an acronym for Chisenga Rapping in Some Intellectual Skills) came on the scene through projects like Chibaba in 1999 under the Chisha Folotia-led reawakening of Zambian music. Chibaba, for those who may not remember, was an album by late Daddy Zemus and remains one of the most successful Zambian music projects while Zemus remains the most imitated Zambian artiste of recent times. While Zemus was establishing Jamaican-influenced Zambian dancehall or 'Zam ragga' as it is also known, C.R.I.$.I.$. was busy trying to establish himself as a rapper.

Six years later, in January 2005 C.R.I.$.I.$. released Officer in Charge, which made history by becoming the first Hip-Hop album to be recorded and produced in Zambia by a Zambian. Two years later while in the UK, he released Designer. Returning to Zambia in October 2007 he began working on his newest album Mr. Swagger which was produced and recorded under his Diamond Chain record label and is currently in stores but will be officially launched in the first week of October. Read More...

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Mr Swagger

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New C.R.I.$.I.$. album. Track Listing. Mr. Swagger

As we approach the release of the new album, I thought that I would share what the Track Listing looks like.

I've had to re-record some of the songs and make them better. I also decided to take my time with this project until it sounded good enough to compete on the International market. I recently made a deal to get international distribution with a well reputed online company in The United States of America. This means that, no matter where you are in the world, you will soon be able to purchase my new album online.

The Track Listing for the album is as follows:

1. Lights, Camera, Action Feat. Camstar & Levins

2. Hold Me Down Feat. Camstar

3. K.I.N.G. (Sittin at The Top)

4. Play On

5. LSK City (Lusaka)

6. Connected Feat. Exile

7. Radio (Talk About it)

8. Electric Boogie

9. She's Fresh

10. So Gangsta Feat. Camstar & BMC The Beast

11. The Greatest, Actually

12. Bazaari Featuring Exile

13. The Same

14. Lord Forgive Us Feat. Ez-1 & Camstar

15. Breakdown Feat. Lloyd Popp

16. One Verse

17. Sing Another Day (Dedicated to Michael Jackson) Feat. K'milion & Uncle Rex

This album has been made possible by the people that always hated on my work and ambition. Those that spent hours trying to paralyze my whole character but, instead made me more determined. You guys are special and I appreciate that.

Without events and the reality of life, I would not have had anything to write about. It has taken a lot to get all my thoughts on a CD. I still have more but I will be releasing that on an upcoming Mixtape

To all my FACEBOOK friends, please leave a comment here to get your name mentioned on the album cover. Space is limited so hurry up before I finish penning my "Thank You's." I would like you guys to be a part of this project. You have continuously encouraged me and my work.

While I was creating this album, many things changed in my life. I found love, I lost friends..... Big Diva, my niece Kayula, my boy Marvin. I came face to face with some haters. People I once worked with trying to diss when they got drunk.... the next day, they got sober and wanted my help. I was betrayed by people I trusted. They had their 30 minutes of fame.... I say 30 minutes because they were almost famous twice. Ha, Ha!! That's gotta be funny. Lol

Some people that I respected totally lost my trust due to their jealousy and greed for things that, even when attained they could not manage.

Dear God, let my enemies live because I would love to beat them twice.

This album is the soundtrack to my life. When you play it too, you will find that you can relate to quite a lot of stories and lyrics on it. Most of my friends think that this album is good to ride to.... whether in a bus, driving or riding with your boy/s and or girl/s. The lyrics will always give you something to talk about.

Not to be mistaken, I met some real people while I was doing this album too. I worked with BMC The Beast, Houston based rapper who has worked with many established artists in the US.

I also met a guy called Lloyd Popp through FACEBOOK and right here, we coordinated a collaboration which turned out to be banana's. He did a great job and was very professional about the way he handled things. We made a song called "Breakdown." He used an instrument called the Talkbox. It is the same thing that Roger Trautman used on Tupac's 'California Love.' In case you got it wrong, the instrument sounds like Autotune but it is not. The Talkbox is more complex and requires more skill to use. It's not software, it's hardware that you play live into the song that you're recording. Thanks Lloyd.

Dj Dubz also did a great job in encouraging me to keep it moving and just do my thing.... so many people to thank you.

My man in London, Esmail Jasat was right there when I was trying to get my distribution deal and he helped me do it. This is what I call realness. A brother from another mother.

Sylvia Masiye hooked me up when I had technical problems in the studio. She sent me a professional Microphone..... then I came to find out that, my Microphone was just fine. Thank you Sly. Lol

One upon a time, I was reading some comments online and my friend John Chinode took a lot of fire for defending me. I take my hat off to you. We are childhood friends that grew up in Timberland aka Woodlands in Lusaka.

Dee Jay LBC, Oscar and the rest of the Basement Crew, yall keep doing your thing. We are in this together and the Rep gets bigger. No doubt

Did you guys know that Moses Nyama aka Mo Funky was the first Dj to ever give me radio play? That was back in 1996. I was a kid that had a demo and he worked at Radio Phoenix. Mr. Nyama is now proprietor of his own radio station known to most of you as Q FM.

My career has been made possible with the support of many other radio stations like UNZA Radio, Radio Phoenix, Hot FM, Radio 4, I am probably the only Hip-Hop artist that's had radio play at 5 FM, Flava FM, YAR FM, Hone FM, JOY FM and many others from overseas. Cheers

The Wifey is definitely a great inspiration ;-)

As I said, I would love to add your names to the shout outs so, please leave a comment on this note and, I will take down names and add them to the CD cover shout outs. Thank you

Expect more info. as things unfold.

Please feel free to write me anytime and if you have any questions and or suggestions, please bring them forward.

Over and Out,

C.R.I.$.I.$. aka Mr. Swagger

New album "Mr. Swagger" COMING SOON

Be part of it.

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